Doris Elisabeth Fischer
0045 24 64 92 04

Born in Lindau in the South of Germany

Doris has been trained as a Social Worker specialized in speech therapy in which field she has been active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland Denmark and Greenland.
Major Teachers:  Maria Keller, Maria Summer, Rosmarie Guggenmos and Bert Hellinger

Moved to Denmark in 1986

Continuing Education in family-therapy (Kempler) Bodytherapy (Bodynamic)  and music pedagogy.
Doris has been married to Jens Thordal-Christensen since 1985. Together they are parents to three adult children. In 1992 they started their tantric praxis by Neel Fasting and were trained more than 13 years in the spirit of Vækstcentret (A center in Denmark for spiritual and personal growth)

Educated and examined by Bert Hellinger as Family Councillor.

Lived with her family in Tasiilaq at the East coast of Greenland, where she worked as a teacher at a Greenlandic public school.  (2001-2005)

Author of the books:
 “Ordblindhed- et særligt talent”" (about Dyslexia) .
“Forviklinger” (about family constellations)
Translated Bert Hellingers book ”Die Liebe des Geistes” into Danish

Contact person for the community Findhorn in Scotland (
Chairwoman in Betalmeddjurs (
Member of ClinicDjurs, (
Active as an Family constellation facilitator since 1998.