Bogen "Forviklinger" er nu oversæt til Engelsk. Bogen er ny bearbejdet og har fået nye kapitler. 

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Many people deny their roots or cannot see their importance. But if we ignore our origins we may never be able to free ourselves from the blockages which trap us. It is important to be aware of the importance of our roots. This applies to our family and clan, but also the country and the culture that we come from.

To be able to escape the destructive entanglements many of us have, we have to say yes to our parents and roots, to take them as they are, because we are connected to our entire parents’ family system and the country that we originate from. 

Systemic constellations is a method that can be used to find our way back to the power and energy source found in our roots. 

This book discusses the method and its most important terms. A series of case studies show some of the entanglements we can be trapped in, and how to resolve them.