Constellation Work
Unravel Entanglements with Love

Sat 31. august - 6. september 2019 (7 Days) in Scotland, Findhorn Foundation

Doris Elisabeth Fischer


Is there a natural order of love? And how can we influence the flow of love in the systems we are part of, family, organisational and social?

Systemic Constellations is a way of working with collective consciousness to restore the natural flow of love in families and other organisations. Growing out of Bert Hellinger’s pioneering work with Zulu tribal ritual and reconciliation work in South Africa, the practice has been used to heal imbalances ranging from divorce and adoption to personal and social wounds resulting from war. This workshop will apply systemic constellation work to the issues and situations you bring in a week full of movement, life and solutions that open hearts.

You can participate without any prior training. The workshop will enable you tap into deeper collective levels of knowing, allowing you and others in the group to symbolically represent people and issues through movement and gesture. In the unique, safe space of the work and together with a supportive group, longtime student of Bert Hellinger Doris Fischer will facilitate your discovery of solutions and new insights, helping you restore the natural flow of love in your life.
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Workshop in Constellationwork

Open to all !!!! in Danish

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Weekend courses in Djursland/ Denmark

(Kalkværksvej 8, 8444 Balle)

17. / 18. november 2018
 5. / 6. january 2019
 2. / 3. march 2019
15. / 16. june 2019

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Workshop for Couples 2017

Sexuality in harmony with the heart.

With Jens Thordal and Doris Elisabeth Fischer

8th - 10th December 2017
Friday at. 15.00 - 21.00
Saturday at 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday from 10:00 to 14:30
Livets Hus, Djursland, Kalkværksvej 8, 8444 Balle, Denmark

If we deepen our sexuality, the heart opens. Some would say that their sexuality began in the heart by falling in love. The two relate to each other as fire (heart) and water (sexuality). The fire keeps the water moving so it does not freeze. Over the years, we discover that the heart requires openness and attention.

How we maintain the connection to the heart in our sexuality is the axis of the course.

From the constellation work we know that old unresolved stories in the family system can disturb the free flow between the heart and sexuality. We will work with clarity and redemption in this field.

The sexual energy is present wherever there is life. Very few know that any cell division swings with the same frequency as in the sexual orgasm. Taoism provides methods for how we can benefit from this energy frequency and use it for physical health and mental well-being. At the course, we will transform blocked emotional energy into higher feelings like love and kindness.

Compassion, courage, humour and love will have a great place at the workshop.


- Tantric exercises, physically and meditatively, that connect sexuality with the heart
 (Physical exercises are done with clothes on in a safe and comfortable space. There is no partner exchange.)

- Family constellation work. We will look at  and work with old conflicts that stick to old patterns

- Solutions in the collective field men - women


The pedagogy is taken from the systemic family constellation work  and the Taoist tradition with inspiration and supervision from the Vækstcentret in Nørre Snede.


Jens Thordal-Christensen

works as an artist and with traditional Chinese medicine. Certified om Healing love by Mantak Chia and have in recent years practiced the deeper aspects of inner tantra. A training  practiced mainly in the dark. Received teaching from Vækstcentret for the last 25 years. Born in Denmark in 1965.




Doris Elisabeth Fischer

Has been married to Jens (Thordal-Christensen) since 1985. Together they are parents of three adult children. In 1992, they started their tantric practice with Neel Fasting as a teacher and studied Tantra for more than 13 years at Vækstcentret.

Doris is a systemic family constellation facilitator, educated by Bert Hellinger. She has worked with family constellations for more than 18 years. She is the author of the book "Ordblindhed – et særligt talent", "Forviklinger", a book on Family Constellations, and has translated Bert Hellinger's book "Hellinger Sciencia" into Danish. Doris is a social educator and speech therapist has a wide therapeutic background behind her (within body therapy and family therapy).

Born in Lindau, South Germany in 1962. Residence in Denmark since 1986.